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My name is Rutgart Rhineholder. My friends call me "Rudy", but there are "officials" in certain lottery circles who call me "Trouble". In fact, some have even tried to ban me from playing various lotteries. Why?

Itís not that Iím a cheat or that I do anything even close to illegal. Itís because whether I start with $5, $10, or $15 ... whether I play Pick-3, Pick-4, or even Pick-5 games ... my Phase-22 system practically ensures I ALWAYS walk out a winner -- with pockets full of THEIR money. They donít like that.

So I decided that as payback for them messing with me, Iím going to drive them crazy. Iím going to share my 100% legal, lottery-busting Phase-22 system with the "hungriest" lottery players I can find.

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Of course, I wasnít always a big winner. Back when I was a regular player like you, I tried all kinds of methods for playing every lottery game. And I learned to trust my "gut feelings" to get me through the ups and downs.

Sure I had some good winning runs, but in the end, it was the inevitable losing streaks that always did me in.

But everything changed when instead of gut feelings, I discovered Phase-22.

Itís an unbelievably easy, scientifically proven system thatís a lot like your gut feelings ... only on steroids.

Phase-22 is based on a breakthrough mathematical discovery developed and used by the biggest financial and insurance giants in the country.

Only now itís been transformed into a simple, DOUBLE POWER win-predicting and money-management system so easy, your grandkids could use it.

First Phase-22 CLEARLY tells you with up to 96.4% statistical certainty exactly when youíre likely to win any Pick-3, Pick-4, or Pick-5 game. Just as importantly, it tells you when to sit out losing games.

Second, whatís even better, Phase-22 tells you EXACTLY how many combinations to play, and exactly what to bet when the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor so every win is HUGE.

Bottom line: You may never lose money playing the lottery again. The Phase-22 system completely eliminates stress and guess work and can turn any lottery in the world into your own, personal bank vault.

Phase-22 makes winning streaks richer ... and virtually eliminates losing!

Before I go on, let me say that I know what youíre thinking. I realize that the idea of never losing money on a lottery may sound impossible to you. And I agree, it was to me too, at first. But not any more.

Phase-22 is a breakthrough in wagering that uses modern science to miraculously identify both winning streaks and losing streaks and guide you to the smartest, most profitable plays.

The result: you WIN WAY MORE when you win ... and virtually NEVER lose. Phase-22 actually keeps you from playing and wasting your money unless the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor.

So you risk less money and almost always walk away with enormous profits from any lottery, anywhere in the country.

That means now you can forget about luck, or guessing, or gut feelings. You can stop letting losing, stress and anxiety affect your fun.

Phase-22 system has been proven by myself ... and dozens of others ... to turn any lottery game into piles of cash in almost every state.

Phase-22 is the greatest scientific discovery for every lottery player on the planet

I donít care what anybody tries to tell you ... no person and no system can win every single bet. In fact, over the long run, itís virtually impossible just to win a few more bets than you lose. That indisputable fact is how lotteries, casinos and race tracks stay in business.

So forget about trying to have more actual winning days than losing days. Thatís NOT what the Phase-22 system is all about.

The key to being a real winner is winning WAY MORE MONEY when you do win, and virtually never losing! Thatís EXACTLY what Phase-22 helps you do.

You see, science has discovered that 93% of all true losing and winning streaks follow three specific types of "cycles" that include patterns of both wins and losses.

Phase-22 clearly identifies these patterns and tells you exactly what lottery games to play, how many combinations, and even what to wager so you donít just win ... YOU WIN BIG ALMOST EVERY GAME YOU PLAY.

Let me warn you: DO NOT think you now have all the information you need to go out and make a fortune without the Phase-22 system. You CAN NOT just go by random wins and losses. If you up your bets just because youíve had a couple wins, or cut your bet because of a few losses, you WILL end up losing big like most people do.

The ONLY way to consistently beat Lotteries is to bet the precise maximum amount (within your bankroll) when the games are ripe for being beaten ... and hanging on to your money when the odds are against you.

And the Phase-22 system is the ONLY proven way to do exactly that.

Hereís proof that with Phase-22 you could lose 80% of your games ... and still walk away with up to FIVE times more money

With the Phase-22 system, youíll laugh in the face of losing streaks. In fact, youíll come to look forward to them, because you wonít be wasting your money on them ... and you know that your odds getting in on huge payouts skyrocket with every consecutive loss.

All you have to do is be patient until Phase-22 signals the time is right to get in the game and cash in on up to TEN TIMES MORE WINNINGS. Let me show you the difference Phase-22 can make in YOUR wallet with a simple example.

Letís say you have $50 and would normally play a $5 Pick-3, six-way box for each day for ten days. If you lose 8 out of the 10 days, you will lose $40 on your 8 losing bets, and win $480 on your wins, for a total of $440. Not bad.

Playing the same $50, but with Phase-22 guiding you to NOT EVEN PLAY the games that are likely to lose, and instead focusing all your money on the days that are 96.4% likely to win, you would bet ZERO on the losing days and $25 each on the 2 winning days.

That means you would walk away with $4,000 in winnings. Thatís more than 10 times more money with the exact same amount bet and the exact same results!

Thatís the incredible power of the Phase-22 system to put more cash winnings in your pocket. The fact that you played only two days out of ten does not matter.

As you can see, Phase-22 easily keeps you from wasting your money on losses and MAGNIFIES your money on the winners. Using the Phase-22 system consistently, you could win more money than you ever imagined.

So simple, you can be raking in lottery profits the very first day!

Youíll be amazed at how fast and easy it really is to finally beat the lottery virtually every single time you play. Donít be surprised if, at first, you feel kind of guilty winning so much money.

But donít worry. Like I said, this is 100% legal. And while they may complain, thereís not a thing anyone can do to stop you from winning with the Phase-22 system.

It takes less than 45 minutes to read through the entire system. And it takes less than 5 minutes to set it up. You just follow the simple, step-by-step instructions (so easy, even your grandkids could do it for you).

As soon as Phase-22 says the odds are in your favor, simply march down to your local lottery store and play the exact games with the exact wagers Phase-22 tells you.

Thereís no guesswork at all. Then almost 96.4% of the time when the numbers are drawn, youíll hardly believe all the money youíve won.

Imagine how incredible YOUR life could be like if YOU could walk into any lottery agent in the country TODAY, and come out with all the money you need TONIGHT. It would be like having a license to print money!

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